bearcubinaspen Stained Glass Gallery

Stained glass is made through individual pieces of glass, cut with a hand diamond cutter. The glass pieces are then placed together using the copper foil method or leaded came method. The copper foil method consists of wrapping each piece of glass in copper foil and soldering the pieces of glass together. The solder is then stained black with a chemical process called patina. In the lead came method, the pieces of glass are laid into the lead came. The joints of the lead are then soldered together. The lead came can then be cemented together to increase durability.
Fused Sunflower Fused Glass Gallery

Fused glass is a method of melting multiple layers of hand cut glass in a kiln. These pieces can be fired multiple times. Each firing takes approximately 24 hours in the kiln. All the fused glass on this website is annealed. Annealing is a process where the glass is slowly brought down in temperature and held at 1000-950 degrees for approximately 90 minutes. Fused glass is durable and usable art.

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